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These are a series of articles on creating a very basic block world like that of MineCraft using the Ogre graphics engine.

  • Block Land 1 -- Our first attempt at a block world fails wonderfully.
  • Block Land 2 -- Discussion of various ways to improve performance.
  • Block Land 3 -- Implementing our meshing chunking to improve performance dramatically.
  • Block Land 4 -- Making it look better with textures, sky domes, fog and actual landscapes.
  • Block Land 5 -- A simple chunking optimization and discussion on world and chunk sizes.
  • Block Land 6 -- Adding more than one block type and still keeping good display performance.
  • Block Land 7 -- Implementing a basic block layering and caves system.
  • Block Land 8 -- Investigating an improved lighting model.
  • Block Land 9 -- Adding basic water to our world.
  • Block Land 10 -- Improving the lighting effects by changing the light angle/color and introducing a day/night cycle.
  • Block Land 11 -- Trees and world shadows based on the light angle.
  • Block Land 12 -- Investigating MineCraft's lighting model to try and improve our own.
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